InfoAssure, Inc. is an information assurance software technology development company.

We provide our customers with enterprise-level Information-Centric Security, InfoCenSec® technology solutions that ensure the protection of mission critical information at the data object level enabling the timely, accurate and trusted on-demand sharing of information for our government and corporate customers.


The company founders and management team have backgrounds of trust and are highly motivated individuals with a mix of experience from military, intelligence, Information Operations (IO) and Information Assurance (IA), technology development and IT systems integration. Our team is dedicated to our customers' mission success.

The company founders include:

James G. Lightburn, Chairman & CEO (Co-Founder/Director)

Mr. Lightburn has over 30 years of combined management and operational experience with Domestic and International Business Development and Marketing strategy, Information Technology, Competitive Open source Intelligence, Defense Intelligence, Information Operations (IO) and Information Assurance (IA). He has provided strategic consulting on innovative solutions and risk mitigation to a diverse mix of senior level executives in Defense, National Security, Intelligence Community and private industry. He has strategic, operational and subject matter expertise in Proactive Risk Mitigation, Operational Defense Intelligence, Information Operations (IO) and Exploitation.

He is a pioneer in the development of the Information-Centric Security (InfoCenSec®) concept and has extensive experience with applying the InfoCenSec based risk management model to enterprise security solution design. He has extensive experience applying his InfoCenSec risk management model to data loss mitigation solutions for the trusted insider threat. He also has extensive experience in strategic competitive and technical intelligence assessments and analysis.

He is a certified member of the Sons of the American Revolution. He is also a member of the National Military Intelligence Association (NMIA), and the Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA). He has served as a senior advisor on the Global Competitive Strategies Committee on Dual Use Technology and on the Global Monitoring Committee at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Lightburn is an accomplished public speaker, having delivered presentations to diverse senior management groups in both government and industry. He was a 2010 finalist winner in the national competition for the Security Innovation Network (SINET) where he presented his innovative InfoCenSec concept for creating virtual Communities of Interest (vCOI) by protecting data at the object level.

Mr. Lightburn graduated from The Ohio State University - The Max M. Fisher College of Business with a BS, Marketing and Finance, 1975. Mr. Lightburn currently holds Top Secret and NATO-S security clearances.

LTG James A. Williams, USA (Ret), (Co-Founder/Director), former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

James A. Williams is Co-Founder, Board Director and the Chairman of the Senior Advisory Board (SAB) of InfoAssure, Inc. LTG Williams has pioneered in the field of competitive open source intelligence, information operations and counter-intelligence using open source information in support of many of America's largest companies. In 1987 he founded the Direct Information Access Corporation which offers research and intelligence support for mergers and acquisitions, provides corporate counterintelligence in cases of intellectual property theft or patent infringement, and assists in the acquisition and processing of civil remote sensing imagery for commercial purposes.

As an outgrowth of his long career in counterintelligence, LTG Williams has been deeply involved in the emerging field of Information Operations (IO) for commercial entities and in support of several government agencies.

LTG (Ret.) Williams has over 40 years of experience in intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination. As a former US Army Lieutenant General and Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency he was the senior intelligence and counterintelligence officer for the Department of Defense and directed intelligence collection and analysis for the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In this capacity the General commanded an agency of over 7,000 people and a budget in excess of $400 million.

He was also Program Manager for the General Defense Intelligence Program which funded defense collection and analysis around the world, over 30,000 people and several billion dollars. The General directed the reorganization of the DOD Indications and Warning System and initiated widespread use of open source information by DIA. LTG Williams also directed the expansion of the DIA program of counter terrorism analysis and established the first counter terrorism watch program. Under General Williams's guidance DIA pioneered in the integration of various intelligence data sources to produce truly all source reports and was responsible for integration of counterintelligence and terrorism databases in support of threat analysis.

The General is a Distinguished Member of the US Army Military Intelligence Hall of Fame and the Attaché Hall of Fame. Among his many decorations the US Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, the Distinguished Service Medal and Bronze Star with "V" for valor. He has also been honored by the Government of France with the Legion of Honor, Order of Commander, and has received similar awards from Germany and Japan.

He is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point.

Senior Advisory Board (SAB)

James A. Williams, LTG. US Army (Ret.), Chairman

Robert "Bob" L. Swam, Senior Business Executive

Reginald D. Hyde