We assist our customers by extending policy based access management and enforcement from the network level down to the information level through role based persistent protection of the information object in all three states of its existence — at rest, in transit and in process. This new approach to managing shared information is called InfoCenSec®, and it provides our customers with a scalable and affordable solution that assists them in obtaining timely compliance with federal privacy guidelines for protection of shared information.

As a pioneer in this field, we believe that the best way to reduce your overall risk associated with loss of sensitive information in a Netcentric environment is the implementation of a "layered security model" with access policy being extended to the data object level.

Built on Experience

With past engineering services work for U.S. Government and commercial customers in identifying and assessing the cyber threats and vulnerabilities of national systems, we have formed the foundation and unique understanding of how your systems, networks and global infrastructure can be attacked and exploited.

This understanding of the cyber threats and vulnerabilities translates into more focused and affordable customer solutions for dealing with the insidious threat presented by "trusted" insiders and has resulted in the development of our InfoCenSec® solutions.

Our team's combined years of experience provide our customers with focused knowledge on how and where to apply our InfoCenSec® technologies and procedures that must be taken to protect your sensitive information.